In the Name of Allah Most Gracious Most Merciful

“sanurihim ayatina fi alafaq wafi ‘anfusihim hataa yatabayan lahum ‘anah alhaqu “

Many people boast of what they have achieved in this era of scientific and technical achievements in various areas of life, especially with regard to communication systems, computers, information networks and other modern technologies. But once one of us begins to explain the composition and function of a member of the human body to this person who is proud of his technological investigations until he comes back to his side. In this article, we will highlight the most complex device in the human body, the nervous system. Especially the brain and the revolves around the possibility of successful brain transfer. Where scientists recognized that the complexity in the structure of the brain does not exist and will not exist even in the most sophisticated electronic devices invented by the human throughout the ages, including the labyrinth and cracks and the structure of gray and white to qualify him to do the functions of the body and nerve cells loaded with information from sensory organs and processing and interpretation and give orders to kinetic organs In the form of nerve signals transmitted to and from the brain.

The size of the brain and the surface area of ​​the organism varies from one organism to another. The brains of large animals have many surfaces and branches, but the crevices and grooves in the human brain are the deepest and most distinct to achieve the function of the brain as required. Although the human brain may be equal to the brains of other organisms Where the weight but the size of three times the size of the brain of the animal and thus a clear indication that the human has a special place in the universe. And that it has been created by knowledgeable expert subhanah wataealaa.

Due to the critical role played by the nervous system and its control in controlling the various functions of the body and because of its fragile nature, it must be  protected by extreme tightness by the skull and three hard covers called meninges adhering to the skull and enveloping the brain, which is the mother of the epidural and the macular membrane and mother affectionate and fills the space between the compassionate mother and the macular membrane Transparent liquid is the cerebrospinal fluid. The amount of this fluid in the human brain is about 150 milliliters, which gives the brain the absolute ability to do its functions and divides the brain into:

Brain: The Center is responsible for receiving and transmitting nerve signals loaded with information and contains four lobes: temporal – parietal – front – and Capoid

The cerebellum: is responsible for the center of balance in the human body and the esophagus. It contains the center of stopping the movements of the heart, the center of the breath, the center of the cough, and the center of swallowing. The brain in its entirety is responsible for the voluntary movements of the human while the reflex movements are centered on the esophagus and the spinal cord. The international medical team led by Italian doctor Sergio Canaviro has decided to carry out a human brain transplant from a person with a rare disease that paralyzed most members of the body to a newly executed criminal. The person is clinically dead. China will be the host country for this international event.

But we have to realize that as we follow the news of the projected brain transfer at the end of 2017, those who believe in the success of this process have a special philosophy of the true meaning of death and life and completely differ from our beliefs as Muslims. We believe that the life of every member, including the brain, is totally linked to the spirit. Whatever the body has suffered from disasters, and the soul has not survived the body remains alive with all its spirit until the Creator permits its departure, even if any member, including the brain, is transferred to another living body. The philosophy of the team of doctors and logic in understanding the true meaning of life depends on the transfer of the brain of the living person to the body of the dead clinically man gives life again and this is true as long as there is a spirit within this body but they believe the brain can revive the body and correct the damage of the tissues of the body. And the death in their concept is only the death of the brain and this logic is far from the right. At this time, a question often comes to mind: What if the experiment ultimately succeeds?

The answer is that clinical death is an imaginary death, that is, the soul is still inside the body. If they want to prove their theory that the brain is responsible for life and death in the human body, they must first separate the patient from the organs until the heartbeat stops and the patient dies. At this time, if the process succeeds, it will demonstrate the validity of their hypothesis that the brain is responsible for life in the human body.

 We believe in absolute faith that the spirit is only from God and in the end no words after the words of Allah eaza wajal:

“hadha khalq allah fa’aruni madha khalaq aladhin min dunih bal alzaalimun fi dalal mubin”